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More About OG&E Wind Power Farms

OG&E's Centennial Wind Farm in Harper County, just north of Woodward, is one of the only wind farms to be fully owned and operated by an electric utility. With more than 80 turbines, it can generate 120 megawatts of electricity. Also, OG&E's partnership with Florida-based FPL Energy Company adds additional wind turbines to our portfolio – all located in the Oklahoma Wind Energy Center 13 miles northeast of Woodward. These wind turbines all work together to generate electricity that feeds into the OG&E system.

Once placed on the OG&E power grid, the electricity is pooled like water and is available to all our customers. Better still, your business won't need any new or different equipment to take advantage of this wind power.

While OG&E Wind Power continues to serve more and more businesses, it's also creating more jobs and tax revenues that improve our communities and quality of life. It's part of an initiative we call Positive Energy Together®.

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