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What is a Positive Energy Home?

Before any new construction, ask yourself: Is the home I’m building really energy-efficient? Then look at a Positive Energy Home — OG&E’s energy-efficient home certification program.

Making the right decisions up front is crucial. And while state and local building codes set minimum requirements, OG&E's Positive Energy® Home offers a higher standard in efficiency — saving energy, money and more. These homes employ advanced materials and innovative design to:

  • Increase energy efficiency and reduce utility costs
  • Deliver a higher level of comfort in every season
  • Provide a higher standard of construction value and overall quality
  • Meet or exceed all specifications of an Energy Star® home

OG&E is with you from start to finish.

From initial blueprints to moving day, Positive Energy homebuyers enjoy the support of OG&E's energy experts. We're there at every turn, with more energy options, performance testing of your home's air duct system — even inspection of efficiency upgrades.

Blueprint for success:Positive Energy® Consultation:Inspection:Positive Energy Certification:
OG&E specialists start by reviewing your plans, identifying options that can save you money for years. Your OG&E expert also provides advice and information on flexible, energy-efficient improvements for your home. Every Positive Energy Home is inspected during and after construction. A rigorous leak detection test of the heat and air duct system and an air infiltration examination ensure your home meets or exceeds the OG&E building standards. When OG&E's energy experts are satisfied, your home is certified.

Why are Positive Energy Homes so efficient?

When building a new home, explore forward-thinking, energy-efficient initiatives to ensure a better investment. There are four main ways to make your home construction a Positive Energy Home:


Most new home construction uses the absolute minimum level of insulation required. In an OG&E Positive Energy Home, greatly increased insulation and strict construction inspections mean much less energy consumption than a standard new home. Homeowners who choose an OG&E Positive Energy Home for the utility savings are often equally impressed with the improved comfort they enjoy, whatever the season.


High-Performance windows reflects 80% of the sun's hot and harmful rays back into the atmosphere.

The majority of new homes don't take advantage of advanced Low-E window technology, but the OG&E Positive Energy® Home does. High-performance windows use Low-E technology to reflect up to 80% of the sun's rays, blocking unwanted heat and reducing energy use. They also virtually eliminate transmission of the ultraviolet bands of sunlight that can cause carpets and furniture to fade.



Simple Framing adjustments, like turning a corner stud 90 degrees. allows more insulation in the Positive energy Home, for greater energy efficiency.

It's a fact that the average newly constructed home leaks as much air as leaving two doors wide open all year long. But the strict construction standards of an OG&E Positive Energy® Home require careful inspection and testing by independent experts to ensure leaks have been sealed. Tight construction standards help eliminate drafts, dust, moisture, pests and pollen, dramatically improving comfort and indoor air quality. All while lowering the home's overall energy usage and maintenance costs.


The Average recessed lighting fixture allows 5-10 cubic feet of air per minute to escape into the attic. the OG&E Positive Energy home has standards requiring airtight, IC-rated fixtures.

More efficient heating and cooling systems use less energy and reduce utility bills. These Energy Star-rated consumer heating and air systems, when properly sized and installed, reduce air pollution and save 15% to 50% on energy bills.

OG&E is with you from start to finish.

Paint and wallpaper choices are easy to change. But other new home construction choices aren’t. Decisions about the energy- and money-saving features of the OG&E Positive Energy Home can only be made before the home is built.

Unlike conventional homes, the Positive Energy Home is built to more demanding specifications and equipped with energy-saving features to eliminate energy loss and reduce high utility bills.

For example, a 2,000 sq. ft. Positive Energy Home can be heated and cooled for about two to three dollars a day — today, tomorrow and every day for years to come.

The opportunity to build or buy long-term efficiency, economy and comfort in your home only comes once. Make the smart choice: the Positive Energy Home. A decision you’ll live with comfortably for many years to come.

For more facts about the features, benefits and cost savings of the Positive Energy Home, contact Steve Sullivan at 405-553-3393 or click here for a list of Positive Energy Home Builders in our service area.