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At OG&E, we're putting natural resources and company practices to work for all the companies in our communities. For instance, we're a national wind power leader, with a commitment to quadruple existing production – and we're delivering this clean power at rates below the national average.

It's our policy to serve the businesses that invest in and build up the communities we serve. Which is why we offer commercial lighting and motor rebates, online energy calculation tools – even rate-taming technology.

Rate Tamer®, for your business

This Web-based tool can help you measure, monitor, forecast and manage your energy usage. So generate graphs and reports, create your own profile, learn how to identify problems that increase your costs, and discover efficiencies that you can replicate to save money on your energy usage. Log in now.

Go where your business can grow

We offer every advantage an enterprise needs to grow. Our centralized locale makes us a major transportation hub. There's a lower cost of doing business here. Our incredibly diverse quality of life offers a stronger workforce. And it all means we can deliver electric rates below the national average.

Business Experts

For more information, and to partner with OG&E on everything from superior site selection to customized demographic analysis, contact one of our business experts.

Customer Relationship Managers

Terry Johnson
(405) 553-3540 Office
(405) 535-9537 Mobile

John Townsend
(479) 649-5327 Office
(479) 883-0921 Mobile

Pat Saxton
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Business Advantage Group

(888) 988-9747 Office

Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency

Greg Spender
(405) 553-3672 Office
(405) 323-2662 Mobile

Commercial Lighting, Load Reduction and Commercial Wind RECs

Gale Lewis
(405) 553-3163 Office
(405) 401-7423 Mobile

Commercial Rate Options

David Eary
(405) 553-3190 Office 
(405) 761-2295 Mobile

Geothermal Consultant

Randy Chambers
(405) 553-3961 Office 
(405) 760-3232 Mobile

Positive Energy New Home Construction

Steve Sullivan
(405) 553-3393 Office

Home Weatherization Program

Debbie McIntire
(405) 553-3597 Office
(405) 365-3486 Mobile

Home Energy Efficiency Program

Debbie McIntire
(405) 553-3597 Office
(405) 365-3486 Mobile

OG&E Energy Technology Center

Beverly Hardeman
(405) 553-3746 Office

Rate Tamer® Administrator

Brian Routh
(405) 553-3949 Office
(405) 850-9515 Mobile

Wind Power

David Eary
(405) 553-3190 Office 
(405) 761-2295 Mobile

Arkansas Energy Efficiency Programs

Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs

Robin Arnold
(479) 649-2838 Office
(479) 221-3641 Mobile

Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

Ryan Lee
(479) 649 2849 Office
(479) 763 5050 Mobile