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It's a simple equation: save energy = save money.

A typical home can leak up to 30% of its cooled air. But an in-home energy audit, through OG&E's Home Energy Efficiency Program (HEEP), can quickly discover where you're wasting energy—and money—and help you stop it. Our energy specialists complete a detailed walk-through and assessment of your home, reviewing efficiencies:

  • We'll check your attic insulation and ventilation, home air leakage, windows, lighting efficiency and heating and cooling efficiency (a $250 value).
  • You'll get a comprehensive report detailing everything from no-cost and low-cost changes to long-term recommendations that start saving you money right away.
  • We'll also give you an energy efficiency kit with weatherstrip, door sweeps, caulk and more (a $30 value).

Act now, OG&E pays the cost - so it's over $250 of services, at no cost to you.

And you could save a HEEP on your energy bills for years to come. Thousands of your neighbors have joined in, so schedule your home energy audit now ...

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