TechSmart Grid

We’re not only exploring one of the most important initiatives in OG&E history, but in the history of our nation.

Meet the secure platform for our electricity future: the Smart Grid. We began by installing smart technology in Norman, Okla., and are expanding the program across the state, with completion at the end of this year. In short, our customers are part of changing the way America uses energy.

Today, Smart Grid technology not only improves service quality and reliability, but ultimately it will provide invaluable home energy use data – so you can make more informed decisions about when and how to use power during peak demands or pricing. But there's more: In the near future, during outages, these new meters will send automatic alerts, helping us restore service even faster. And when power is restored, the network will automatically send information back to field crews, so service is verified before we leave any neighborhoods. OG&E can also remotely read the new meters, allowing us to connect and disconnect service and reducing the need to send OG&E trucks – saving fuel, reducing emissions and lowering our operating costs (which helps keep your rates reasonable).

Other exciting options are coming in the future, and you can read more below. We hope you're excited to be part of this strategic platform – linking together a secure, efficient Smart Grid to meet the growing demand for vital energy and environmental stewardship.

More Smart Ideas.
With a new meter, you can enroll in a personalized website to learn much more about your power use and cost. Visit It's important to note that the new meters are just one part of Smart Grid technology. These meters, like current meters, record hourly and daily electric usage.

The meters also could alert you to events such as potential energy shortages and ozone alerts. Other options – including "pay as you go" electric services, time-based rates and energy storage – are being explored for customer program offerings in the future. As we enter a new age of energy consciousness and conservation, customers will play a critical role in environmental concerns.