TipsKeeping Your Cool

  • When the time is right, replace your old heating and cooling system with a high-efficiency unit. And consider a geothermal system, which is about 200% more efficient and may qualify for low-interest financing.
  • Up to a third of your electric bill can come from air leakage alone. So check windows and doors, then insulate, caulk and weatherstrip.
  • Make sure attics and walls are properly insulated. Adding insulation in your attic is one of the most cost-effective do-it-yourself savings measures.
  • The key to cooling is air flow, so clean or change air conditioner filters monthly. Make sure that air vents are clear of furniture or anything that obstructs air flow.
  • Use fans to assist air flow. A ceiling fan uses about as much electricity as a lightbulb, and much less than an air conditioner.
  • In summer, set thermostats at the highest comfortable temperature – 76 degrees or higher. Each degree a thermostat is lowered can add 3%-4% to cooling costs.
  • In winter, leave the thermostat at a comfortable setting. Your home won't warm any faster if you raise the thermostat setting.

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