TipsNow You're Cookin'

Here are a few simple but powerful steps to help you use energy much more efficiently — and more are available at
  • Don't peek! Each time you open the oven door, the temperature drops 25 to 50 degrees. Avoid lifting pot lids for the same reason.
  • Don't use a full-size oven for small quantities of food. Cooking a potato will cost about a dime in an electric oven, compared to a nickel in a toaster oven, or two cents in a microwave.
  • Use glass or ceramic pans instead of metal in ovens. You can lower the temperature about 25°F and cook in the same amount of time.
  • Only preheat an oven or broiler when baked goods require a precise starting temperature. If you must preheat, most ovens will preheat in 10 minutes or less.
  • Turn off the oven or range a few minutes before the food is done. It'll still retain enough heat to finish cooking.

For more energy-saving tips and money-saving projects, visit or call an OG&E specialist at 1-800-272-9741.

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