TipsPlanting Trees in the Right Place

Here are a few simple but powerful steps to help you use energy much more efficiently — and more are available at
  • Properly planted trees give your home cooling shade in the summer and warming sunlight in the winter, helping use energy wisely, slowing fossil fuel demand and creating cleaner air. They can cut cooling costs while lowering heating costs by blocking "wind chill."
  • A tree consumes 26 pounds of carbon dioxide per year while giving back pure oxygen, helping restore the environment. Trees also absorb ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide – they even buffer noise pollution.
  • While absorbing moisture, roots hold soil in place to reduce erosion from wind and rain. Fields with windbreaks yield more crops than those with no trees nearby.

For more energy-saving tips and money-saving projects, visit or call an OG&E specialist at 1-800-272-9741.

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