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Here are a few simple but powerful steps to help you use energy much more efficiently — and more are available at
  • If your pool is heated (other than solar), set a timer to start the pump no earlier than 6 AM. This is the time when nightly heat losses stabilize. Also, turn off your heater when the pool is not used for extended periods of time.
  • With a pool timer and Time-of-Use rates, pool owners can save more money. TOU rewards decreased usage during June through September – so receive a much lower rate during off-peak hours by paying a higher rate during our peak load hours (excluding weekends and holidays). During the winter season, Time-of-Use customers revert to our standard rates.
  • One complete water turnover per 24 hours will provide adequate filtering.
  • Consider a solar heating loop – if your pool is in year-round use, it will often pay for the system in less than ten years.
  • Use or install a pool cover – they can reduce your pool heating costs by 30%. Pool covers that contain UV inhibitors are more durable. Transparent or translucent "solar" covers are most effective at warming your pool because they allow sunshine to warm the pool. Using a pool cover not only saves energy, it reduces water evaporation – for a 450-square-foot pool, you will save approximately 4,000 gallons of water annually.
  • Lowering your pool temperature not only saves energy but will also reduce the amount of chemicals required to treat the pool.
  • Sheltering your pool from winds reduces both heat loss and water evaporation. Decorative landscaping is a creative way to accomplish this. Fencing is another effective windbreak.
  • An electric hot tub will cost roughly $4 to heat from 70° to 100°F, and then about $1 per day to maintain that temperature. So if you're not going to use your hot tub for the next four days, you will save energy by turning it off.
  • Lowering the water temperature of your hot tub can significantly reduce your energy use.
  • Cover your hot tub whenever it is not being used; this can save you up to $50 per year if you use electricity to heat your water.

For more energy-saving tips and money-saving projects, visit or call an OG&E specialist at 1-800-272-9741.

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