TipsWashing and Drying

Here are a few simple but powerful steps to help you use energy much more efficiently — and more are available at
  • Go cold. Most people in the appliance industry agree that, with modern detergents, cold water washes just as well as warm water.
  • Combine two small loads into one full load to cut energy use in half. Your clothes washer uses about the same energy regardless of load size.
  • Your dryer is also most efficient when fully loaded. Combine smaller loads of wash into one dryer load (without overloading).
  • Same with your dishwasher: it uses the same amount of hot water regardless of how many dishes are loaded. So wash full loads whenever possible.
  • When you replace your washer/dryer, consider a front-loading washer, which can reduce energy use by 50% or more, use less water and detergent, reduce drying time, and reduce wear and tear on clothing.

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